Internet Marketing & Digital Publishing

On A World Class Level.

Musemancer Introduces Online Marketing Ingenuity That Is Designed To Get One Thing And ONE Thing Only: Results.

It all started with its founder, Edmund Loh, building his fledgling online business in 2005... believe or not, on a 56K modem!

The venture didn't start out ambitious; it was just to make a comfortable living. Since then the digital publishing business went on to generate Millions of US Dollars in sales, selling non-tangible products worldwide without having to ship or keep inventory of.

That little one-man enterprise evolved into what is called Musemancer today - a growing team of young, energetic and fun people, with a shared passion for online entrepreneurship and continuous learning experience.

Digital Marketing

We generate qualified leads to various Businesses using the same social media strategy we use in our own.

The Musemancer Team has helped Businesses like Photography, Real Estate, Restaurants, Beauty, Auto Detailers, Insurance & Finance, Job Recruitment, Digital Products, Software, Fitness, and more...

Funnel Building

We have built several dozen of our own sales funnels and generated 7 figures selling digital products and services purely through the Internet.

That's why we can confidently build lead generation and sales funnels for our Clients. It's no surprise they too create stellar results and most importantly, have a real business that runs with minimal involvement on their part!

Consulting and Coaching​

We provide digital marketing consulting and coaching programs for our clients and students who seek a more personal access to our years of accumulated experience in this field.

We make digital marketing both fun and easy to learn, and tens of thousands of business owners and marketers from around the world have benefited from our training programs.

Quite simply: we know and experience everything we talk about when it comes to online marketing.
​We aim to be the best and work only with the best. If you want to get the best online marketing advice and solution for your business, book an appointment with us and let’s talk about your business. ​If you like what you see, we are also looking for talents to work in our team.
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