Cliff Notes Version To My Digital Business Workshop Presentation

"5 Step Game Plan We Use To Start, Sell & Scale Our Digital Products To 7 Figures Fast..."

without Geeky Tech Skill, Massive Capital, Being An Expert Or Have “Guru” Following!

From the keyboard of Edmund Loh
Location: somewhere in Johor, MALAYSIA

Dear Entrepreneur,

This is the written version of my 1.5 hour presentation that I did recently. I'm putting this up for a limited time so you can get the skinny on what it takes to build a low-cost, high-profit online business selling your own digital products.

And when you read until the end of this letter, I have a special invitation to my intensive digital business training that shows how you can implement all the strategies I share on this page...

My promise to you: you will learn more right here, right now than you will get from Google or "YouTubing" other videos.

Now understand that I don't do this all the time - and I may remove this page in the near future - so pay very close attention...

Who Is This For?

Coaches, Trainers & Consultants That Want To Productize Their Knowledge
Course Creators That Want To Market Their Programs Successfully
Internet Marketers That Want To Scale Their Business
Affiliates That Want Their Own Branding
Experts And Professionals That Want To Stop Trading Time For Money

And What If You're Totally New To This?

Don't worry.

The good news is: everyone who is reading this today has an equal chance at being SUCCESSFUL online.

So it doesn't matter whether you are experienced or brand new.

Let me tell you why...

That screenshot you just saw was recently taken from one of my online accounts at JVZoo.

FYI all $ nominations mentioned on this page are in US Dollars (unless otherwise stated)

I think it's also important to mention that these are ALL sales made from Digital Products.

Not Seminars. Not Client Work.

How would you like to get results like that?

And If You Think This Works Only For Me, This Also Works For Others Like...

Yu Shaun & Cally Lee, From 0 Knowledge To Cranking 6 Figures Every Year With Their Fitness And Self Help Info Products...

Trevor Machaffie Struggled To Sell 188 Copies, After Working With Me, He Raked $50,000+ Sales In 1 Week And Got JVZoo Pick Of The Day!

Mindie Sai, Sales Trainer That Got 329 Buyer Leads From An Info Product Built Around Her Expertise...

By the way, if you feel this is a bit intimidating right now, don't worry. It's the same blueprint I followed to create my first $5,000 a month business, then $10,000 a month, then more...

Before I Continue, Very Important Disclaimer:

The results you see on this page are NOT typical. For most people, the average result is $0 (because they do little or nothing, follow the wrong plan, unrealistic expectations, etc.)

That said, I'm not here to show you 'average'. If you want to start achieving greater results from your online business, the first step is KEEP AN OPEN MIND.

And remember that I'm a business owner like you. I'm not a legal eagle, nor am I a licensed financial advisor. I'm just sharing with you what works for me, and what didn't.

Your circumstances may differ, so exercise your own judgment. Cool?

Just want to manage your expectations correctly from the get go, and if you agree to that, then let's continue...

Who Am I & Why Listen To A Word I Say?

I'm Edmund Loh from sunny side Malaysia and since 2005, I've sold millions of dollars in digital products purely through the Internet.

E-books, videos, memberships, online courses, you name it, I've done them all.

Dozens of my products had won bestseller status in marketplaces including JVZoo, WarriorPlus and ClickBank.

But It Wasn't Always That Way.

You might think, "okay, that's some cool guru credentials right there..."

And maybe you'd think I was born with a special set of skills, or just got lucky.

But what if I told you that before I started my online business:

I dropped out of school not once, but TWICE
The only work experience I had was that of an Office Boy job that paid $200 per month (even by Malaysian standards in 2004, this was pretty low)
On top of that, I had to support my mother who couldn't get a job and my sister who was still schooling then
I tried to start some 'side hustles' here and there (SPOILERS: they all FAILED)

So yeah, how's THAT for 'Guru' credentials??

You could say...

I Had A Lot Of 'Reasons' NOT To Succeed.

With an office boy's salary, I didn't have much startup capital - if any.

At a 'too young' age, I had no past business experience and connections to rely on.

Heck, I didn't even have my own credit card! I had to borrow from a friend’s father to get my first domain and web hosting subscription ever.

At the time, a lot of my so-called 'friends' and even some family members thought I was stupid or foolish for pursuing this online business venture.

Maybe you can relate to that?

Remember, this was the year 2005, and the idea of making money online was still rather new.

Yet that didn't stop me from badly wanting - and ultimately achieving my goal - to escape the rat race.

At first, I aimed for a simple $50 a day.

Because I thought if I made just a few hundred dollars a month, I would be very happy.

Eventually, that happened. Then it became $100 days, $200 days, $500 days, 4 figure days even...

... to eventually a 7 figure Digital empire.

This photo is a bit dated as I've made way more than that since, but you can see here that JVZoo had sent me 2 pairs of t-shirts to acknowledge the mile stone of my accounts.

For the doubting Thomas, feel free to verify with JVZoo about "Edmund Loh" and "Musemancer" (my company name)

What Did I Do With The Newfound Success I Created?

One of the first things I did (besides clearing all our outstanding debt) was retire my mother at the age of 46.

Despite her high school education, she did her utmost best to raise me and my younger sister. So when I told her she never has to find another job again, she found it hard to believe.

Since then, I had taken her to places like China, Europe, and the Middle East for holidays – and even bought the first house for her.

The same business gives me the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime while having the freedom to travel the world.

This is the envy of traditional business owners because while they may make money, often times they cannot leave their premise for too long.

To me, what’s the point of being rich if you’re not truly free?

This here is a picture of me at the Marketers Cruise in Mexico. I joined a group of 450+ Digital Entrepreneurs from around the world in this 8 day tour (see that nice white ship in the back?)

Going to events like this gives me access to the who’s who, top leaders and market movers in the industry, many whom I’m proud to call my friends.

You might recognize some of the people in these photos.

This shows that while you can be in business for yourself, you don't have to be by yourself.

Some years later, I wrote my own book to share my experience. It became a bestseller in Malaysia and also on Amazon Kindle.

That said, I’m not here to show you how to write a book like this.

If your intention is to author a book as a life goal, then by all means go ahead (that was exactly what I did)

But if you want to make PROFITS minus the frills, then I have a much BETTER way to show you in this presentation.

Ultimately, this business has blessed me with the freedom to do the things I love:

I share all these not to impress you, but to impress UPON you that if someone with my limitations can succeed... then so can you.

This is REAL for me. This is REAL for countless other Internet entrepreneurs. This can be REAL for you too.

It's crazy what one individual or small team can achieve today with just a computer and Internet connection.

Oh, and

Here's The Thing: I Didn't Achieve All These By...

Becoming A Technical Geek
Becoming An Influencer, ‘Guru’ Or Public Figure
Amassing Tons Of Likes & Follows On Social Media
Even Sitting In Front Of The Computer 24/7

I feel it's important to mention all these because there's this popular image that successful Internet Entrepreneurs are these things.

This might come as a surprise, but many of the online top guns you know today are NOTHING quite like this stereotype.

So if it was none of those things then...

What Changed For Me?

SHORT ANSWER: Digital Products Business

When I first heard of Digital Products years ago, I was instantly attracted to the idea of having an Online Business that fulfilled all the criteria that I wanted so badly:

Very Low Start-up Capital
Very Low Risk
Very High Profit Margin (Possibly close to 100%)
No Need Office & Employees
Can Earn In US Dollars
No Need To Keep Stock Of Physical Products
Can Do Business With Anyone In The World
Flexible Working Hours

And the amazing part? It's true – all of it!

To this day I've tried many other types of businesses, and none of them rival an online business in terms of leverage and reward.

I mean, how many businesses do you know that lets you make money while you sleep?

Yeah, thought so.

And The Good News Is: It's Easier For YOU Make Money Online Today Than Ever Before.

When I started, there were just 1 Billion Internet users.

Fast Forward Today: there are 5 Billion people online!

That's 5X the population and what this means to you is your potential Customers are growing more than ever, day to day!

And unlike when I started back then, today there are more platforms, affordable resources and tools that enable ordinary folks like you and me to achieve results previously possible only for medium and big businesses.

All you need is a laptop and a proven system (which I'll touch base on in a moment...)

I say this because

Did You Know In Every Crisis, More Millionaires Are Made?

Let's take a look at the crashes in recent history:

1997 South-East Asia Financial Crisis – ironically, more Millionaires were made that year.

2008 US Subprime Mortgage Crisis – again, more Millionaires were made (I was one of them)

2020-2022 Post-Covid Lockdowns – what do you think is happening again?

This Is Why I'm Doing This *Urgent* Training

Right now, we are witnessing the greatest wealth creation and transfer in history.

Despite many industries that got wrecked by the 2020 lockdowns, can you guess which industry is not just surviving, but also thriving?

That's right. Online Industry. You're looking at it now.

The question is: are you ready to embrace it?

After more than 17 years of Discovery, Refining & Tweaking...

If I am to sum everything up, it is these 5 things that took my business from zero to 7 figures...


If you want to have an Online Business that makes 4, 5, 6 figures a month, then the first thing you need is a No-Brainer Offer to reel in Customers.

First, let's define what an "Offer" is:

An Offer Is Goods Or Service You Agree To Provide, To Solve A Problem Or Fulfill A Want.

In other words: if you want people to hand you money, then there must be an exchange of some kind.

This might sound obvious to some, but not so to others. Which is perfectly understandable, considering how money and business are not taught in schools, and I'll do what I can to explain everything in simple terms.

Just know that if you want to make money, the first step is to HAVE AN OFFER, because

No Offer = No Income = No Business

Weak Offer = Weak Income = Weak Business

Great Offer = Great Income = Great Business

Now let's say you're a coach or consultant of some kind and you charge $100 per hour.

If you work 5 hours x $100 = $500 a day
Which means 5 days x $500 = $2,500 a week
Which also means 4 weeks x $2,500 = $10,000 a month

Of course, this sounds good – IN THEORY.

With a lot of assumptions and what-ifs like being able to secure a Client every hour to book your calendar to the brim, you are always available and don't break down.

Right off the bat, you can see there are problems with this "by the hour" income model that most coaches and consultants are used to:

1. Your income is severely limited by the hours you put in. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day. And if you fall sick, busy with something else, don’t feel like working, you don't generate income.

2. YOU are the business and system. There is only 1 of YOU so you can't scale this.

3. And because you work 1-to-1, your overall impact tend to be small. While there is nothing wrong working 1-to-1, this is an incredibly slow way to spread your influence.

This is not to take a dig at consultants and coaches. But do understand that there are limitations to the "by the hour" income model.

Now What If You "Productize" Yourself Into A Digital Product?

With the "automated" income model, your business now works with or without you.

And you can see why I love the Digital Products business, because it fulfills all these criteria.

Using the same example, if you sell your Online Course for $300 (which is very doable)

to hit your monthly income goal of $10,000, you only need to sell 34 copies!

Again, very doable.

"But I Don't Know Which Market Or Niche To Get Into..."

For many beginners, this is the part where they struggle with.

If this sounds like you, don't worry. I totally understand how it was like being a newbie when you just know you want to make money online...

At the same time, you're unsure which hill to fight on, and when there are other long time competition staking their claim on it, you're unsure what value you can bring.

Perish that thought.

Because the good news is: there's money to be made anywhere.

Yet you don't have to be everywhere.

Here's an overarching view on the kind of niches you can get into.

[source: AdSkills]

Basically, there are 3 major markets: Health, Wealth and Love (Relationships).

Under each major market, there are sub-markets or what I call niches.

And here's the thing: you can build a multi-million dollar business serving just ONE niche.

That's exactly what most of the experts are doing, so there's no need to dip your feet in multiple markets or even niches.

Also, you don't need to be a know-it-all to get started. Just because other people have been in the niche longer than you, doesn't mean there's no room at all for you to get in.

The world is bigger than you think, and often times customers pay to solve a problem rather than care much about your 'gurudom' or star factor (even though they are an advantage, just not a necessity)

While we're at it, I want to address one of the most common misconceptions about the Digital Products Business, and that is:

"Do I Have To Be An Excellent Writer To Create Content?"

Sure, writing is one way to create your first Digital Product.

But if I may ask you candidly: don't you HATE writing?

Whenever I ask this question, most people aren't enthusiastic. Some even feel this is a barrier because English is not their first language.

And even if you're good at it, writing your own content is the slowest, most painstaking way in the long haul.

Some people get all excited at first when writing the first pages of their e-book or video transcript. Then days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months... and small wonder why most people don't even finish what they started.

Instead, Here's a Faster, Smarter, Better Way...

Over the years, I've created literally hundreds of unique titles for my e-books, videos, and online courses.

I've stopped counting how many exactly, though a cursory glance at my folders in my hard drive show that it's easily more than 400.

Of course, there's no way I could have written them all on my own – and if I did, I wouldn't have time for anything else to function like a normal human being.

So, what's the secret?


Quite simply, I come up with the product idea and outline, then pay someone else to do it.

I go to websites like Upwork, Fiverr and some Facebook Groups to find and hire freelance writers to flesh out my content.

It's that simple.

And the cool thing about having a Digital Products business is that it's heck a lot EASIER to recoup your investment.

Let's say one writing project costs $300.

The fee is one-off, and when you in turn sell a copy of your info product at $100, you need only 3 sales to cover it.

The rest after this? Pure profit!

This is very unlike a physical or even e-commerce business where every unit or piece or product has a fixed substantiated cost to producing it.

"What If I'm Not An Expert?"

Let me tell you why you don't have to know everything to succeed in the digital products business (in fact, here's another way I get products created without writing a word...)

When Cryptocurrency became super popular a few years ago, I knew there's going to be demand for information on it.

Except that I'm not a subject expert.

I mean sure, I bought some Bitcoin and Ethereum - and hey, I got lucky off the rising value at the time - but that was it.

However I personally know a Crypto investor who's an expert and made millions from it.

So I asked if I could interview said Crypto expert.

In essence, he was creating the content. I market it as a course. And we split from the profits. He agreed.

So I interviewed him, asked him questions over an audio recording, and the content was done in less than two hours.

I got it transcribed and proofread within the next 2 days, and the product was ready to sell.

Do you think having a new product in just 2 days is fast?

When I launched this offer, within 2 weeks we sold more than 2,200 copies and just shy of $50K in sales.

And because it was a hot topic at the time of release, it even got JVZoo Pick Of The Day

(basically means bestseller status in the marketplace, which lead to even more sales after that because the platform picked it up to promote to its entire network!)

From this, I split 50-50 with my Crypto friend.

So, do you still think you need to be an expert in everything?

Or isn't it better to work with an existing expert that you probably already know?


Having a No-Brainer Offer is the first step. Here's the next thing you need if you want to be only profitable, but also possibly 20X your income with the same Customers and same effort (yes, twenty times multiplier!)

See, back in the good old days i.e. the mid to late 2000's, you could make profits selling just 1 product.

But nowadays, anyone that sells just 1 product will soon be out of business.

Why? Because they don't realize that

In Recent Years, 2 Major Market Shifts Had Happened:

1. Ad Cost Has Been Going Up

2. Product Price Has Been Going Down

So, how do Digital Product owners today get profitable in spite of these market shifts?

ANSWER: Internet Sales Machine

Chances are, you have heard of the word "Funnel".

Personally, I call it the Internet Sales Machine because that's exactly what it does: generate sales for you around the clock.

For most Digital Business novices, the sale ends after the Customer buys their product – and that would be it.

But here's where smart marketers are DIFFERENT:

Basically, we introduce additional Offers called 'Upsells' after a Customer buys the initial offer.

THIS is the best time to strike while the iron is hot, by simply asking if your Customer would like to buy anything else.

So far, easy to follow?

Now I hear this all the time:

"Hold Up, Aren't Upsells Greedy?"

Wouldn't Customers feel this is a hard sell?

The short answer is NO and here's proof:

This is just one of the many instances where I have 1 Customer bought multiple products from me totaling to $833.60 within minutes (full name blanked out for privacy reasons)

Again, most beginner Business Owners would have stopped at just 1 product - and if I did just that, I would have made only $42.60.

But because I have several other offers, I've made close to 20X the initial sale!

This is just one of the many, many instances where I have Customers snapping up multiple or even all of my offers in my funnel - and they're happy to do just that!

Because remember that Customers don't like to be sold to, however they like to buy!

A Closer Look At One Of My Internet Sales Machines...

In the first strategy, you've learned that you need to have an Offer. That is the main product, or what we marketers call the "Front-End".

It is called so because it is the very first product your Customer is introduced to.

Although not a hard and fast rule, I like to price my Front-End Offer anywhere below $100.

Or in this particular funnel, $9.

So when someone buys this, I get this email notification in my Inbox.

I know. Seems barely exciting at all.

BUT WAIT... it gets better.

After my Customer purchases the Front-End Offer, immediately I introduce him or her to what I call an Upsell offer, sometimes known as a One-Time Offer.

This is an Upgrade deal priced at $47 and granted, not everyone will buy this.

But some people will say yes, and that means...

So far, I've made $9 + $47 = $56

Hey, we're going somewhere now...

Even if they're not interested in it, I show the second Upsell offer.

At this stage, Customers are in a "buying trance" where both their minds and wallets are OPEN

It's kinda like when you go to a shopping mall to buy a particular thing, only to come home with more things than you originally intended to buy.

And because I have a $77 offer in the second Upsell, I get an email notification every time this is sold:

I can introduce a third Upsell offer - and while I've done more Upsells before, I find "3" is the max sweet spot and not overkill this.

When you have a few offers upfront instead of just 1, you increase the likelihood of someone buying at least something, sometimes ALL.

And if you don't, in the immortal words of Michael Jordan, "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

So when someone buys EVERYTHING I have to offer so far, I can pocket

$9 + $47 + $77 + $197 = $330

In Other Words… 1 Click Can Be Worth $330!

And if you think that's already awesome, what comes next gets MORE EXCITING...

Later, I Show My Buyers My HIGH TICKET BACK-END

Just as we have a Front-End Offer, so do we have a Back-End.

Usually, the Back-End offer is a top-tier product or service that is priced high (hence high ticket)

It can be anywhere from $500 to $2,000 - though don't fall off your seat, there are extreme high ticket offers that go into thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

I won't go too much into that, as that's fit for a topic in itself.

That said, usually only a *tiny* percentage of Customers will snap this up.

And rightfully so, because the higher your price, expect less Customers.

However having a High Ticket Back-End helps you hit your income goals faster and you don't need a lot of it.

For Instance, I Have a Done-For-You Licensing Offer That Goes For:

At this point, you can say the max potential of a Customer spending with me is

$9 + $47 + $77 + $197 + $997 = $1,327!

Can you see how with the Internet Sales Machine approach, not only can you maximize your sale PER customer...

It is now much EASIER to hit your monthly income goal?

Because if your income goal this month is, again, $10,000...

then you only need to push 10 of these!

And The Other Cool Part?

Throughout the entire buying experience, the Customer does not speak to me at all.

Because the entire process is automated through my website, this means I don't need to hire a sales person to do any follow-ups whatsoever.

This way, I also build my buyers list (and this will be a long term income maker, which I'll discuss in Strategy #4 shortly...)


After setting up your Internet Sales Machine, the next thing you need is TRAFFIC.

Because in as great as having a Digital Products Business is, there's no point to it if no one sees it at all, right?

For a lot of struggling online business owners, getting traffic is usually one of the top 3 problems they face.

Fortunately, solving this missing link isn't that hard – once you know how.

There are many ways to get eyeballs to your offer, but in the interest of time and keeping things simple, I'm going to share 2 of my favorite ways:

Traffic Method #1: BUY TRAFFIC

Maybe you've seen my ads somewhere on social media.

Currently, these are my top go-to platforms to advertise:

Facebook™ Ads
YouTube™ Ads
Tik Tok™ Ads

There's no contest that these platforms are not only among the most trafficked in the world, each of them have massive data and sophisticated learning machine.

This means they know more about your would-be Customers than you do. (How do you think you got here in the first place?)

Because what these platforms do is connect advertisers like me to the audience of my targeting.

For instance:

There are people looking to learn how to start an online business (like yourself)

On the other hand, advertisers like me are offering products or services (or a web class, in my case)

So the social media network's algorithm matches my message to market - and here you are.

And the other thing I like about social media ads?

You can start with a small budget of a few dollars a day!

How many other traditional advertising methods you know that lets you advertise at such a nominal cost?

... yeah, I thought so.

When you plug Traffic + Internet Sales Machine, You Can Grow Your Revenue With Return Of Ad Spend Of 2x, 3x, 4x & Above...!

If your Internet Sales Machine gives you $2 for every $1 you put in... How much will you invest in this system?

Now some people might ask:

"That's nice, but is there another way to get traffic... possibly FREE?"

Why yes, I was going to get to that 🙂

Traffic Method #2: BORROW TRAFFIC

As we already established, there are other experts and leaders in the market.

They have their own email list, FB groups and social media following...

And what do they want? To make more money, of course.

Again, this is you don't have to be the expert or influencer yourself.

When I create my product and want to push it out, I message other experts and leaders in my niche with an invitation to promote my product and earn a commission on the entire funnel.

They don't work for me, so they're not on my payroll.

That also means I don't have to front any 'salary'.

In Other Words: FREE

They do the marketing on my behalf, and I pay only when a sale is made.

Do you think that's a fair arrangement?

To give you a clearer picture, this is me with a good online business friend, Henry Gold.

Yeah that's us at Universal Studios, LA when I visited the United States. I know, not the most flattering picture, but we had heck of a time 🙂

Of course, there was a time we didn't know each other.

Henry is one of the earliest online entrepreneurs and when I first got online way back, he was already there.

One day I shot him this email:

Now understand that this is a numbers game.

Not everyone I write to is going to agree to be an affiliate for whatever the reason (so it's my job to make my offer spectacular and up their alley too)

But when the numbers work in your favor, it's a fun game.

Because when Henry agreed, he promoted my offer to his list.

We've been cross-promoting each other and made quite a bundle doing this together since then.

And not long ago, I did a simple audit - check this out:

Conservatively, Henry has brought in more than $34,000 in sales - half of which he made as commissions.

And because I typically pay 50%, that means I keep the other half as profit!

This is basically money I couldn't have earned on my own.

(and I say "conservatively" because this is just from one account)

Now Imagine Having 10 Or 100 Experts Like Henry Promoting YOU And Making Money Together...

This is the same technique I've been using for many years - way before my discovery of paid ads - to generate 5 figures and even 6 figures with every product launch, riding on an army of affiliates.

Which One Is Faster, Smarter, Better?

A. 100% Of Your Own Efforts

B. 1% Of 100 People

Every time this poll is up, everyone answers B unanimously. With good reason.


If you implement everything I've shared up to this point, hitting $10,000 to $20,000 a month is very achievable.

But how do you write your own check not only once a month, but... daily?

Is that even possible?

Yes, when you email your newly built database of Customers and leads from the last strategy.

Now whenever I talk about email, I hear some people ask:

"Isn't Email Dead?"

Instead of sharing textbook stats, how about I show you MY OWN results?

There was this one time, I visited Pattaya, Thailand for 9 fun days...

For most people, they'd save up a bit from their salary a few months in advance when planning for their year-end vacation.

But here's where lifestyle entrepreneurs like me roll differently...

At The Start Of The Day, I Did Only 2 Things:

1. Write an email

2. Close the laptop

Yeah, that was it!

And I went out to enjoy the day.

When I came back to the hotel room at night, this is what I saw in my dashboard:

Cool, right?

All it took was 5 minutes of writing an email, click SEND to my mailing list, and I was done.

This email alone paid for my entire vacation trip!

Really, I couldn't have done this if I'm an 'influencer'.

This is not to take a dig at people who are social media influencers or aspire to be.

It's just that a lot of people today think that chasing views and clout translates to income.

The truth is, there is no such correlation (and here's the dark secret: a lot of them are actually broke!)

On The Other Hand...

Do you agree it's much EASIER to just send emails without having to dance or embarrass yourself on TikTok?

By The Time I Was Back, I Made $6,131.86!

Like, how many people do you know come back from a holiday AND make a profit?

Now this is possible when you have that coveted email list, and you can make money in a few cool ways like:

1. Selling or cross-selling your products

With every email, you create an extra opportunity to increase your sales and persuade the fence sitters.

This is how I "evergreen" my products that continue to make money for me for months, even years to come... even though I created them ONLY ONCE.

And if you don't have your own product, guess what? You Can Still Make Money!

2. Promote other people's product!

This is called Affiliate Marketing.

There are abundant of products out there, with vendors looking for affiliates to promote them, and are willing to pay generously.

This is great for you too, as you don't have to fiddle with customer support, creating those products, and more.

And because it's digital in nature, commission payout can be as generous as 50% or higher, in some cases, 100% even!

Do You Need A Big List To Start Making Money?

This couldn't be any further from the truth.

You don't need to wait until you have a list size into the thousands let alone tens of thousands before you start monetizing.

To the contrary, you can start making money the moment the first lead joins your email list.

I always advise business owners to start small and send 1 email a day, or at least a few times a week (which is not excessive)

And if every email gets you a modest $50 a day

That means 1 month x 30 emails = potentially $1,500

If you make this income on top of whatever else you’re making right now, will this help you pay your bills on time?

And for some people, if they double this amount, can they quit their job to do this full-time?

For this entire thing to work, you must implement one more Strategy:


Out of all the strategies laid out, I find this to be the most important of them all.

Every time I build a new Campaign or Funnel, I envision it like building a pipeline.

If you're going to draw 'wealth' from your pipeline, wouldn't it make sense that every component in it connects?

Most online business owners don't view it that way.

So even if they have a fantastic Digital Product but no one is seeing it, they don't realize they have a Traffic problem.

Or if they have Traffic coming in but no one is really buying their product, they don't know it's a Conversion problem.

And when they don't see results, they get disappointed and give up too easily.

Fortunately, this can be fixed when you know which component in your business is not performing the way it should.

And once every part in your business is firing on all cylinders, having a million dollar online business or even a cushy 6 figures per year isn't far away.

And if you want my help to show you how to implement everything you have just discovered today, then

I Want To Invite You To My Digital Business Intensive

Digital Business Intensive is a 2-day online implementation program, where I'll be guiding you and a group of committed students to implement all the strategies we've just covered.

what we will accomplish In an exciting weekend:

DBI Strategy #1: N.B.O. Formula

How To Generate Million Dollar Product Ideas As Second Nature
Profitable Sub Markets (Niche) You Can Get Into - Even If You're New
4 Ways To Create Sellable Digital Products FAST - no writing and expert status
7 Step Formula To Create Super Attractive Offers People Need And Want To Buy
How To Position Your Offer Even In A Crowded Market

DBI Strategy #2: Internet Sales Machine

3 Page Upsell Sequence To Sell $50 To $200 Instant Offers
Get The Proven Script And Framework Used For Dozens Of My Funnels
How To Knock Out Your Own $500 To $2,000 High-End Offer
How To Increase Your Income By 20X With This "Set-It-And-Forget-It" Setup

DBI Strategy #3: Around The Clock Traffic

Simple Lead Generation With Social Media Ads From A Few Dollars A Day (FB, YT)
Easy 3-Part Ad Copy Formula That Can Be Used Again And Again
How To Crank Out Nice, Attractive Ad Images With No Design Skill
How To Launch Your Product With Affiliates, Make 5 Figure Weeks With No Money Down
Where And How To Find Affiliates To Promote Your Product

DBI Strategy #4: Everyday Income With Email

Get My Proven Hooks & Angles For Email Subject Lines
How To Turn Your Database Into Daily Money-Maker (no matter how big or small)
Never Run Out Of Narratives So You Can Email Your List Daily

DBI Strategy #5: Putting Everything Together

How To Optimize Every Component In Your Digital Products Business
So You Can Maximize Your Leads, Conversions & Income Without Extra Effort

At this juncture, you might be wondering,

"How Is It Going To Be Different This Time?"

Because for some people, they might have reservations like,

"What if I don't speak and write good English? Can I still succeed in this business?"

If that's your concern, welcome to the club.

Many of my students speak English as a second or even third language - and I know many more people that are successful online, that DON'T come from English speaking countries.

Besides, who says you need to do business in English?

Take one of my close students, Abdullah Bamatraf, for example.

He speaks somewhat basic English, but I kid you not, this young man is crushing it in the Arab-speaking market... USING the same strategies outlined in my training!

And get this: he is from Yemen. You might or might not have heard that Yemen has been in a state of civil war for years, so when he came to Malaysia, he arrived on a student's visa and whatever luggage he could carry with him.

Then some people ask:

"What if I had failed before? Will it be the same again?"

That was what Trevor Mchaffie thought too, when he struggled to sell just 188 copies of his digital product over the span of several months of hard work.

For many reasons, he could have or should have quitted.

But he decided to give himself another chance and a go with me - and that changed everything.

Because of that one more step, he sold more than 2,500 copies, made $50,000 sales and got JVZoo Pick Of The Day within a week of launch.

So, what will your choice be?

You can either make money or make excuses.

For people like Abdullah and Trevor, they made their choice to pursue greatness.

And if that is a value you strongly resonate with, then I invite you to take the next step in your online business with me.


(For The First 10 8 People Only...)

DBI Bonus #1: FB Group Community ($1,000 Value)

Join our closed door community of digital marketers where we discuss lead generation, funnels and paid advertising - we are 2,000 members strong and growing!

DBI Bonus #2: TRAINING RECORDING ($2,000 Value)

For alumni that complete the training, you get members access to the training that is recorded throughout the weekend.

Everything is in the members area, and you’ll be given user login to review any or all parts of the training at any time

+PLUS enjoy updates to the syllabus at no extra cost!

DBI Bonus #3: UNLIMITED Refresher ($2,000 Value)

This is something I couldn't have done with my live events. And I understand if some people wanted to re-enroll for a refresher.

But since we're doing everything online - And I'm not working with any third party Organizers to please - I can grant you Refresher Pass to my next workshop, even after this one... and at no extra cost!

That's right. You can attend as a refresher as many times as you want!

DBI Bonus #4: Autographed Copy Of "Crushing It!" ($PRICELESS)

In this 231-page book I recount the steps from my '56k modem' days to living what we call the 'Internet freedom lifestyle'...

You will discover what it takes to break out of mediocrity and start getting extraordinary results whether you're generating leads or selling your offers.

I've been around since 2005 so I've seen quite some things come and go - and what remain time tested.

I'll ship a copy of my physical book to your doorstep, autographed for you, and oh yeah, shipping fee is on me!

Let's Recap Everything You're Getting:

DBI STRATEGY #1: N.B.O. Formula ($2,000 Value)
DBI STRATEGY #2: Internet Sales Machine ($2,000 Value)
DBI STRATEGY #3: Around-The-Clock Traffic ($2,000 Value)
DBI STRATEGY #4: Every Day Income With Email ($2,000 Value)
DBI STRATEGY #5: Putting Everything Together ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 1: FB Group Community ($1,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 2: Member Access To Training Recording ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 3: Unlimited Refresher Pass ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 4: Autographed "Crushing It!" Book Send To Your Doorstep ($PRICELESS)

Total Value: $15,000

And in case you're wondering, no, that figure is not made up.

Yes, I have ACTUAL Clients that pay me this kind of fees to personally mentor and coach them.

And in some cases, even outright build out the Digital Product business for them.

Because to them, this is not a cost; it is an INVESTMENT.

Now of course, I have no intention of charging that kind of amount for 2 days of online training.

And to be fair, not everyone has a spare thirteen grand laying around.

So when I was mulling on what to price this online bootcamp, I spied on other experts and see some of them charging along the lines of $2,997.

Sounds reasonable. I imagine putting in three grand to learn how to build a million dollar business is indeed a very, very good return on investment!

What Does It Mean To You When Your Online Business Generates Income Every Month, Week Or Day...

For starters, can this help you pay your bills on time?

Can this help you finally quit that job you hate for years?

Can this help you clear your outstanding debts faster and finally have savings for the next 6 to 12 months at least? Preferably more?

And hey, even if you make HALF this amount every month by working part-time...

Do you think this is worth it to you?

That said,

This Time, I Want To Do Something DIFFERENT.

As you know, it's been a crazy few years for the world.

Just when you think the lockdowns were the end, comes ridiculous inflation and rising prices like never before.

To the unprepared, it is scary times.

And I'm concerned for many people, time isn't on their side.

This is a big reason why I feel called to do this online training for anyone that is serious and committed to their success and freedom.

So I came up with a BETTER solution:

Instead of hosting a physical live workshop - which is what I was doing prior to the 2020 lockdowns...

I'll conduct the entire Intensive bootcamp 100% online.

That means you don't have to fly down, arrange for accommodation and such.

You can join me from wherever you are right now with your computer.

And because I don't need to book a hotel and spend a small fortune on logistics, I can pass the savings back to you.

So it's not going to be $13,000.

It is not $2,997.

You can enroll for Digital Business Intensive at a Massive Scholarship Discount of

Regular Fee $2,997

Today Only $297

(Save $2,700!)

I'm selling digital products that are priced MORE than what I'm asking for.

But right now, to me, it’s not about the money.

It's about grooming the next generation of Digital Product rockstars and in the long term, our own private network of Digital Marketers.

So if you sell a digital product at $100 (which I'll show you how) you need only 3 sales and this pays itself.

All things considered, when you build your online business in the next 12 months, this works up to just $0.81 cents A DAY.

That's like less than the price of a can drink.

If you can set aside less than a dollar a day to grow your online business to 6 figures or 7 figures, then you really need to be in my Digital Business Intensive bootcamp!


I don't do this all the time and the window to the next in-take is fast closing, so you need to take action right now by securing your spot through the button below.

After making your purchase through the secure server, you will get an email access containing the online bootcamp details and be sure to register for the Zoom workshop.

So here it is...


Next In-Take Dates:

20th & 21st January 2024

9th & 10th March 2024


9:00AM to 5:00PM Daily GMT+8 (Malaysia / Singapore)

with breaks in between


Online ZOOM

What You Get:

STRATEGY #1: N.B.O. Formula ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #2: Internet Sales Machine ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #3: Around-The-Clock Traffic ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #4: Every Day Income With Email ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #5: Putting Everything Together ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 1: FB Group Community ($1,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 2: Access To Training Recording ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 3: Unlimited Refresher Pass ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 4: Autographed "Crushing It!" Book ($PRICELESS)

Total Value $15,000

Regular Fee $2,997

Today Only $297


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a physical or online bootcamp?

A: This will be entirely online on Zoom, which means you can join in with a computer from anywhere.

Q: Is this suitable for me if I don't have a product idea yet?

A: Yes, this course is designed with the assumption that you are a complete beginner.

Q: Who are the trainers?

A: The lead trainer is Edmund Loh. No guest speakers.

Q: I cannot make it to this coming in-take. Can I join the next one?

A: Yes. Because you have the unlimited refresher pass, you can attend future sessions with no extra admission fee!

Q: What other hidden costs besides enrolling into this program?

A: Like any online business, you are expected to have your own website i.e. domain and hosting, autoresponder, and payment processor.

Thankfully, getting these are nominal costs though you should set aside at least a couple hundred dollars every month for operation.

If you don't know what these are or how to sign up for them, not to worry, this will be covered in the online bootcamp.

Q: As a beginner, I don't know which niche and topic to start on. Will you be showing how?

A: Yes, many of my students initially had the same challenge. In the first strategy, we'll home you in on a profitable niche that you can get started in, even if you're new and haven't done this before.

Q: I have  technical challenges. Should this be a real concern, and can you help?

A: With how Internet marketing has come a long way, "technical" is overrated nowadays. Online success is really 90% strategy, 10% technical.

But I won't sidestep this; this will be addressed at the end of Day 1. Just know this is a much smaller matter most people perceive it to be (which is great news!)

Q: Will you be showing how to get traffic? Are they free or paid methods?

A: Yes - both! On Day 2, I show how I use paid ads to get leads and buyers starting with a small budget. For completion sake, I'll also show how to leverage on affiliates (free method) to launch your product for big paydays.

Q: Will there be any support post-class?

A: If you qualify for the Fast Action Bonuses, yes you can reach out to us in the FB Group and you're also invited to any of the future Digital Business Intensive online classes at no extra cost (for as long as I'm running this)

Q: Do you have installment plan?

A: Yes, click on the add to cart button above, and you'll see there's also an installment option.

FYI Bonuses will be delivered only on completion of payment, to be fair to others that have paid in full.

Q: Do you accept bank transfer?

A: Yes, for Malaysia and Singapore enrollments. Please drop an email at with subject line "DBI" and ask for bank transfer option. We'll convert to your local currency.

(if you're wondering why I don't just paste the bank details here, well I have to respect the Digistore24 payment processor's terms)

Q: How long will this special price stay?

A: While indefinite, I cannot promise that the scholarship discount will remain open-ended - in fact, I see I'm undercharging compared to other trainers in this space.

For the time being, I'll keep the enrollment fee as it is. However as soon as I see more demand than I can handle, that's when I'll increase the fee.

So your best bet? Act now and avoid paying more 🙂

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