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"The Fastest Way WE Use To Start, Sell & Scale OUR Digital PRoducts Business To 7 Figures Without Being A Techie, 'GURU' Or Do Massive Fundraising!"

Upcoming Dates & Times:

Wednesday, 24th April 2024 @ 8:00PM - 9:30PM GMT+8

Thursday, 2nd May 2024 @ 8:00PM - 9:30PM GMT+8

Location: Online ZOOM

What You'll Discover:

4 Step Strategy We Use To Convert 'Knowledge' Into A Multi-Million Dollar Online Business That Anyone Can Start And Run With Just A Laptop And Internet Connection
How to create irresistible, slam dunk offers that sell like gangbusters at prices like $10, $100, $1,000 even...
Why Writing Is The Worst And Slowest Way To Create Content... And Discover Faster, Easier Methods To Put Out Quality Content Without Writing A Word
Proven Internet Sales Machine Blueprint as used by top marketers Worldwide
How we rocket our sales by up to 20X just adding a few simple pages!
2 B's To Non-Stop, Around-The-Clock Customer Acquisition
How We Monetize This Skill And Get Paid In USD Even Though We Were Not Heard Of Before
Ultimately, how you can implement All these immediately without high startup capital, technical skill, and 'expert' or 'guru' status

Meet Your Trainer (Edmund Loh)

Online marketer since March 2005
Sold 7 figures USD in digital products and services purely through the Internet
JVZoo top vendor with 20+ Pick Of The Day Awards
JVZoo top affiliate on 3 accounts
Co-authored Bestselling Books "Secrets Of Millionaire Students" and "Crushing It!"
Local Media Appearances Include The Star, Management Malaysia, Borneo Post, Startup Grind, BEAM, RTM

But It Wasn't Always That Way.

Prior to starting my Online Business, the only working experience I had was an office boy job. And part-time at McDonald's, if that counts.

This was also a time when the idea of doing business online had yet to capture public imagination, so there was a lot of groping in the dark. My family members and immediate friends were skeptical and some thought I was foolish for pursuing this.

For many reasons, I shouldn't have succeeded: I was considered too young, had no past experience, no support from anyone, next-to-no capital, and no idea what I was doing.

In my first 3 months, I made ZERO dollars.

I had exhausted all my savings, I was months behind on rent and bills, and I failed to get another job. This is one of the most miserable and difficult chapters of my life.

Against all odds, I eventually made my first $97 sale through the Internet.

Initially, I thought it was a fluke.

Then came another sale. And another, and another...

By the end of the year, I had cleared all my debts and didn't look back ever since.

Fast Forward Today:

My humble, virtual enterprise had allowed me to leave my first and only full-time job, and also help retire my mother at the age of 46, plus finance a lifestyle we could only dream of for the longest time.

Through this business, I got to travel the world, make friends and meet the top thought leaders and market movers in this industry. Ultimately, I get to do the things I love because I can.

Not here to sell you the 'pie in the sky' dream. It's REAL for me. It's REAL for countless other Internet entrepreneurs. It can be REAL for you too, and the first step is to BELIEVE you can.

It's crazy what one individual or small team can achieve today with just a computer and Internet connection, and I'll be sharing the strategies and framework I use to make the results you see on this page POSSIBLE.

Who is This For?

Coaches & Trainers That Want To Turn Their Knowledge Into E-Books, Videos, Courses
Course Creators That Want To Market Their Programs Successfully
Internet Marketers That Want To Grow Their Business Further
Affiliates That Want To Have Their Own Information Products And Branding
Professionals & Experts That Want To Stop Trading Time For Money
Upcoming Online Business Owners Looking For An Easier, Battle-Tested Blueprint

Core Values I Believe In

Authenticity: telling it as it is without fluff and hype.
Working Smart: always beats working hard.
Consistency: more valued over short-term methods and tiring launches.
System: keep it simple smart that works before, today and years to come.
Success: can belong to anyone regardless of background and creed.

5 Amazing Reasons To Join:

Reason 1: Discover What Works (And What Doesn't) In 2024 And Beyond

Reason 2: Gain The Skill And Clarity To Create Your Own Lifestyle Business So You Can Turn Ideas Into Profit At Will...

Reason 3: Avoid Frustrating Guesswork By Following A Proven Roadmap Of 18+ Years. No Theory. Just Actionable Content.

Reason 4: Instead Of A Physical Seminar, I'll Be Doing This Online LIVE, So You Can Join In From Anywhere In The World!

Reason 5: I Mulled Over Pricing This Training At $297... Then Decided I'm Going To Do Something DIFFERENT.

In A Show Of Value, I'm Going To Charge A Grand Admission Fee Of

Original Price $297

$0 (FREE!)

My intention is to build goodwill and if you like this, who knows we might even work together next time and you can refer Clients to us.

What This Means For You...

Successful, Profitable Online Business

Ability To Turn Knowledge Into Product

Lower Overhead And Operation Cost

Automation That Gives More Time Freedom

Earn In USD And Get A Currency Leverage!

Become Market Leader & Give Positive Impact

What You Get When You Join Today:


You can join in from anywhere with your phone or computer / laptop (most recommended for best experience) and yes, this will be LIVE!


For those that attend and complete the workshop, you get special access to the Presentation Notes for the online workshop.

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P.S. Some Results & Testimonials

P.P.S. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a physical or online workshop?

A: This is an online workshop, that will be held via Zoom LIVE. You can join in with computer (most recommended) or phone.

Q: Does your business model work only for certain countries?

A: Not true. From the time I started, I've been getting customers from around the world such as North America, Europe, South East Asia, etc. while residing in Malaysia.

Q: Is this suitable for me if I don't have a business yet?

A: Not a problem. I will be presenting in layman terms, so you're welcome to join.

Q: Will there be a replay?

A: No. Success is for the committed, not the convenient. Requests for recording will not be entertained.

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