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What Is Digital Business Intensive?

DIGITAL BUSINESS INTENSIVE is a 2-day Online Bootcamp on how to start, sell and scale your Digital Products business in the same way I have been doing for years.

I achieve this by finding out what people have problems with, and create Digital Offers that solve said problems. Then I increase my profitability by introducing multiple Offers ranging from $10 to $1,000 each, and Customers happily buy them because they are in a rabid niche.

I also acquire new Customers daily through both "no money down" and low-cost advertising methods that anyone can start with a small capital of a few dollars a day.

Then, I continuously monetize the same Customer and Prospects database through email.

Because of that, I have an Online Business with significantly less overheads, no need for an office teeming with employees, when the same bottom-line can be achieved with a clever combination of easily available tools and A.I.

Thus allowing me to have high profit margins compared to a conventional business, and enjoy what I call the "Internet lifestyle".

In this live online training, you're going to build your Digital Product business alongside me on what is already a tried and tested system.



Next In-Take Dates:

9th & 10th March 2024

27th & 28th April 2024

Times: 9:00AM to 5:00PM Daily GMT+8

Location: Online ZOOM

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Build Your Digital Business With Me In A Weekend?

From the keyboard of Edmund Loh
Location: Johor, MALAYSIA

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you aspire to have an Online Business that generates income day-in and day-out, and can be managed from your laptop or virtually anywhere,

without the need for overrated technical skill, wasting precious time writing content, and even tiresome fundraising, you have come to the right place.

Every line on this page is worth reading if you are serious about becoming the next Digital Business rockstar.

In the last several years, I've made 7 figures selling various Digital Products purely online - from e-books and videos to online courses, memberships and templates.

Dozens of my products had won bestseller status in marketplaces including JVZoo, WarriorPlus and ClickBank.

The cool thing is: it won't take you anywhere near as long to achieve results, because I'll show you how it's done over a weekend!

But It Wasn't Always That Way For Me.

When I first started my fledgling Online Business on a rinky-dink 56K modem in 2005, I had no clue what I was doing. At all.

I just knew that I was sick and fed up of my office boy job that was paying a meagre $200 a month, and there was no prospect or future if I stayed at the chemical cleaning company.

There weren't many people doing an Internet Business, and even fewer taught it. I had to figure everything out by myself.

So I tried things like:

Recording my first 'alpha' product on how to breakdance (I spent a month's salary on an entry-level video camcorder, but never got past production)
Posting articles on article directories and blogs (that no one bothered to read or even know about)
Lurking on marketing forums hoping to get clues (which is more like a big boy's club that I could only watch from outside)
Even got suckered into various schemes that promised returns (you're smart enough to know this NEVER works)

After months of sitting in front of the computer day and night, I had literally *nothing* to show for my hard work.

Just when you think this is already bad, I had quit my job prematurely to pursue this full-time.

At this point, I was months behind on rent and utilities. There was mounting pressure from the landlord for me to "pay up or get out" and my mother - who also struggled to seek employment - begged me in tears to "please get a real job or else we won't even have a roof over our head!"

This was one of the toughest chapters in my life.

I was so down, broken and dejected... and really, I was about to quit on this seemingly foolish dream and even sent out my resume to try my luck with some job vacancies in my area.

That Was When One Late Night, I Made My First Sale!

I rubbed my eyes. I didn't believe what I saw. Is this real?

I raced up the stairs to wake my mother up.

While I was excited, I was also cautiously optimistic. This might be laughable now, but back then I had this (unfounded) idea that mostly Americans would buy stuff online. So you can imagine my bewilderment getting my first ever Customer in the world... from South Africa.

After staring at the computer screen for several minutes, we both decided this was legit. I must have done something in the last few months to earn this sale.

I wasn't sure if it was a fluke.

Then a few days later, another $97 sale came in.

And then again. And again.

I managed to withdraw my first few hundred dollars the following week to pay off some outstanding debts, if only to keep the bill collectors at bay.

By now, I was very determined to see this through, validated by the few sales I made.

I didn't answer any job opening to pursue my Internet Business on full throttle.

And I never looked back ever since.

Fast Forward Today:

What started as a foolish man's endeavor is now responsible for not only my personal freedom from the rat race, but also help retire my mother at the age of 46.

Through this business, I got to travel the world, make friends and meet the top thought leaders and market movers in this industry.

Ultimately, I get to do the things I love because I can.

Why Am I Sharing All These With You?

Because I have an inkling that if you've been trying to grow your Online Business for some time without success, then you can probably relate to these struggles.

Maybe you've given up before.

Maybe you think you're not good enough or cut out for this.

Or you've been told to give this up because it's not worth it.

Well, if a former office boy with no past experience and earning peanuts could make this work in 2005 (with slow Internet connection to boot)... honestly, I think you can do MUCH BETTER!

As of the time of this writing, there are more than 5 Billion Internet users worldwide - which means there's plenty of Customers for everyone.

And with the rise of free and low-cost tools and A.I., you have more advantages in starting and growing your Online Business a lot EASIER compared to when I first started out.

At the same time, most people make it out to be more complicated than it actually is.

Or subscribe to statements that are not inherently true.

Tell me if you've heard this before:

"I need to have technical skills" (while certainly an advantage, today's tools enable anyone who can point and click the mouse to create wonderful content without learning HTML, PHP or another coding language)
"I need to have a massive upfront capital" (unlike conventional businesses that demand six figures capital, an Online Business can Start with couple hundreds)
"I need to be a Guru, public figure or influencer" (this is overrated, when buyers usually make buying decisions based on solving their problems)
"I need to be good at English and writing" (my students and Clients operate in other languages like Mandarin, Malay, French, etc. and why write when there are ready-made content and smart tools you can leverage on?)
"I need to be in front of the computer all the time" (again, this is not true... you can grow your business Part-Time Plus you'd be surprised to know many successful Internet marketers are not chained to their desk)

If You Want To Make Money Online Like Clockwork, It Boils Down To 5 Main Things:

1. No-Brainer Offer

If you want to make money online, the first thing you need to have is an Offer. In the context of Digital Business, the offer is usually digital in nature e.g. E-Book, Video, Online Course, Template, etc.

The product doesn't have to be fancy with bells and whistles; it just needs to solve a specific problem. And if it solves a problem that a pool of people have and they're already paying for it, then you can build a business around it.

2. Internet Sales Machine

After creating your initial Offer, the next step is to create an Internet Sales Machine. The concept is simple: you offer a low-priced product to your customers, then offer them higher-priced products through One-Time Offers (OTO).

This creates a "buying trance" that makes it easier for you to sell additional products to the same customer. Through this strategy, you can increase your income exponentially with the same pool of Customers.

3. Around-The-Clock Traffic

Quite simply, I use 2 main methods of getting new leads and buyers:

a. Paid Social Media Ads from sites like Facebook, YouTube and TikTok (you can start with a small budget of a few dollars a day)

b. Leverage on Affiliates to promote my product and I pay them a commission for every sale they make (cool part? No money down method!)

4. Everyday Income With Email

This is how small businesses and big companies alike practically write their check every time they send an email to their database.

Every time you email your list, you can promote your products (or other people's) and earn recurring income.

And contrary to popular belief, no you don't need a huge list for this to work!

5. Putting Everything Together

The mistake most people make is try to make a business work on standalone pillars. That's like trying to drive a car with less than four wheels.

Ultimately, every component must connect so you can fire up your business on all cylinders, and outperform even competitors that may have more budget or manpower.

If you think this works only for me, this also works for many others like...

Yu Shaun & Cally Lee Who Are Cranking 6 Figures Every Year With Their Fitness And Self Help Info Products!

Trevor Machaffie, Who Initially Struggled To Sell 188 Copies, Then Raked $50,000+ Sales In 1 Week And Got JVZoo Pick Of The Day!

Mindie Sai, Sales Trainer Who Acquired 329 Buyer Leads From An Info Product Built Around Her Expertise!

And if you want my help to show you how to implement everything I've just talked about, then I want to invite you to the next

2 Days Online Bootcamp


In this special online implementation program, I'll be guiding you and a group of up-and-coming Internet entrepreneurs to start and create your very own Digital Assets like e-books, videos and online courses - and then sell them at prices like $10, $100, and even $1,000.

what we will accomplish In an exciting weekend:

DBI Strategy #1: N.B.O. Formula

How To Identify & Generate Million Dollar Product Ideas As Second Nature
Profitable Sub Markets You Can Get Into - Even If You're New And Have Never Done This Before (I'll Be Sharing A Short List Of What's Hot Right Now!)
4 Ways To Create Sellable Digital Products FAST - no writing and expert status
6 Step Formula To Create Super Attractive Offers People Need And Want To Buy
How To Position Your Offer Even In A Crowded Market

DBI Strategy #2: Internet Sales Machine

3 Page One-Time Offer Sequence To Sell $50 To $200 Instant Offers
Get The Proven Script And Framework Used For Dozens Of My Funnels
How To Knock Out Your Own $500 To $1,000 High-End Offer
How To Increase Your Income By 20X With This "Set-It-And-Forget-It" Setup

DBI Strategy #3: Around The Clock Traffic

Simple Lead Generation With Social Media Ads From A Few Dollars A Day (FB)
Easy 3-Part Ad Copy Formula That Can Be Used Again And Again
How To Crank Out Nice, Attractive Ad Images With No Design Skill
How To Launch Your Product With Affiliates, Make 5 Figure Weeks With No Money Down
Where And How To Find Affiliates To Promote Your Product

DBI Strategy #4: Everyday Income With Email

Get My Proven Hooks & Angles For Email Subject Lines
How To Turn Your Database Into Daily Money-Maker (no matter how big or small)
Never Run Out Of Narratives So You Can Email Your List Daily For Income

DBI Strategy #5: Putting Everything Together

How To Optimize Every Component In Your Digital Products Business
So You Can Maximize Your Leads, Conversions & Income Without Extra Effort

And much more... This is just the gist...

Why My Clients Pay Me 5 Figure Fees To Coach Them...

Because to them, this isn't a cost; it's an investment. In the long term, this is a small price to pay to acquire the skills to create million dollar business at will.

That said, I don't have any intention of charging those fees today.

And let's be realistic: who actually pays ten grand for 2 days class? So I'm not going to insult your intelligence.


I Charge Thousands For My Live Event Training...

Right before the 2020 lockdowns, I was training business owners, marketers and agencies LIVE and in-person.

While that's behind us now and even though I can restart my live events, I've got a BETTER idea:

I'll be conducting the entire program on ZOOM.

This means you don't have to travel, book a hotel or even brave the traffic.

And because I get to save a bunch on logistics, I can pass the savings back to YOU.

So instead of a $10,000 coaching fee...

Or a $2,997 live event price tag...

You can join Digital Business Intensive at a MASSIVE Scholarship Discount of

$297 Only

(Save $2,700!)


(EZ Payment Plan Available)

If you focus on this for one whole year, that works up to just 81 cents a day.

Can you set aside less than a dollar a day to grow your online business?

With a hundred dollar digital product, you need just 3 sales and this pays itself. Every sale you make after this is PROFIT.

And If You're One Of The First 10 7 People To Act Now, You Get These Fast Action Bonuses:

DBI Bonus #1: FB Group Community ($1,000 Value)

Join our closed door community of digital marketers where we discuss lead generation, funnels and paid advertising - we are 2,000 members strong and growing!

DBI Bonus #2: TRAINING RECORDING ($2,000 Value)

For alumni that complete the training, you get members access to the training that is recorded throughout the weekend.

Everything is in the members area, and you’ll be given user login to review any or all parts of the training at any time

+PLUS enjoy updates to the syllabus at no extra cost!

DBI Bonus #3: UNLIMITED Refresher ($2,000 Value)

This is something I couldn't have done with my live events. And I understand if some people wanted to re-enroll for a refresher.

But since we're doing everything online - And I'm not working with any third party Organizers to please - I can grant you Refresher Pass to my next workshop, even after this one... and at no extra cost!

That's right. You can attend as a refresher as many times as you want!

DBI Bonus #4: Autographed Copy Of "Crushing It!" ($PRICELESS)

In this 231-page book I recount the steps from my '56k modem' days to living what we call the 'Internet freedom lifestyle'...

You will discover what it takes to break out of mediocrity and start getting extraordinary results whether you're generating leads or selling your offers.

I've been around since 2005 so I've seen quite some things come and go - and what remain time tested.

I'll ship a copy of my physical book to your doorstep, autographed for you, and oh yeah, shipping fee is on me!

But Remember, Spots Are Limited.

The more important question is: If not now, then when? If not you, then who?

For the first time ever, it's actually humanly possible to create such a lucrative income stream even if you work alone.

With easy-to-use tools widely available to create a low-cost, high-profit business from 'thin air', you practically wield the firepower of a team - at your fingertips.

We're living in the most exciting times with abundant opportunities, it's absurd NOT to be an Internet millionaire or at least generate six figures.

So if you want to be the next Digital Products rockstar, build and run your business from anywhere, and finally live life on your terms, then it starts here.

Take action right now and secure your spot by clicking on the sign up button below.

After making your payment, you will get email access containing the online bootcamp details and link to register for the online bootcamp.


Next In-Take Dates:

9th & 10th March 2024

27th & 28th April 2024


9:00AM to 5:00PM Daily GMT+8

(Malaysia / Singapore / Philippines time zone)

with breaks in between


Online ZOOM

What You Get:

STRATEGY #1: N.B.O. Formula ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #2: Internet Sales Machine ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #3: Around-The-Clock Traffic ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #4: Every Day Income With Email ($2,000 Value)
STRATEGY #5: Putting Everything Together ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 1: FB Group Community ($1,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 2: Access To Training Recording ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 3: Unlimited Refresher Pass ($2,000 Value)
DBI BONUS 4: Autographed "Crushing It!" Book ($PRICELESS)

Total Value $15,000

Regular Fee $2,997


(EZ Payment Plan Available)

P.S. To recap:

If you want to have your own profitable Online Business that you can start and run straight from your laptop or computer, then I invite you to attend my 2 days online bootcamp!

In Digital Business Intensive, I guide you and a group of next-generation Internet rockstars to create your own simple digital assets, be it e-book, video and online course, and sell them anywhere from $10 to even $1,000 - without writing your own, without talking to anyone, and without raising funds.

This works even if you're new, have not done this before, and in markets with competitors that have been around for much longer.

This is because the Internet is huge and growing everyday, which means there's a generous share of the pie for everyone including YOU. I know this because I've been in this business for years since 2005, and it's only getting more exciting.

The good news is: instead of taking nearly forever, with the wide availability of free and low-cost tools plus my training, it's now possible for you to kickstart your virtual enterprise in a weekend!

It's going to be 2 full days on Zoom, so you can join from anywhere with a computer and Internet connection. And if you're one the first 10 people to sign up, you also get all the Fast Action Bonuses I've listed on this page.

But spots are limited - so act right now by clicking the button below.


(EZ Payment Plan Available)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this a physical or online bootcamp?

A: This will be entirely online on Zoom, which means you can join in with a computer from anywhere.

Q: Is this suitable for me if I don't have a product idea yet?

A: Yes, this course is designed with the assumption that you are a complete beginner.

Q: What other hidden costs besides enrolling into this program?

A: Like any online business, you are expected to have your own website i.e. domain and hosting, autoresponder, and payment processor.

Thankfully, getting these are nominal costs though you should set aside at least a couple hundred dollars every month for operation.

If you don't know what these are or how to sign up for them, not to worry, this will be covered in the online bootcamp.

Q: As a beginner, I don't know which niche and topic to start on. Will you be showing how?

A: Yes, many of my students initially had the same challenge. In the first strategy, we'll home you in on a profitable niche that you can get started in, even if you're new and haven't done this before.

Q: I have technical challenges. Should this be a real concern, and can you help?

A: With how Internet marketing has come a long way, "technical" is overrated nowadays. Online success is really 90% strategy, 10% technical.

But I won't sidestep this; this will be addressed at the end of Day 1. Just know this is a much smaller matter most people perceive it to be (which is great news!)

Q: Will you be showing how to get traffic? Are they free or paid methods?

A: Yes - both! On Day 2, I show how I use paid ads to get leads and buyers starting with a small budget. For completion sake, I'll also show how to leverage on affiliates (free method) to launch your product for big paydays.

Q: Will there be any support post-class?

A: If you qualify for the Fast Action Bonuses, yes you can reach out to us in the FB Group and you're also invited to any of the future Digital Business Intensive online classes at no extra cost (for as long as I'm running this)

Q: I am a Malaysian. Do you accept in MYR?

For Malaysian enrollment, you can make payment (converted) via FPX Bank Transfer here.

Q: I am a Singaporean. Do you accept in SGD?

For Singaporean enrollment, you can make payment of SGD397.00 (converted) to the following:

Bank Name: DBS
Bank Account No: 0196065305
Account Name: Edmund Loh Aik Mun

Then email receipt to with subject "DBI".

Q: Do you have a guarantee?

I can’t promise a specific ROI. But what I can guarantee is delivering the actual program. In fact, I’m giving you a generous 60 days to try it out. If this doesn’t meet your strict expectations or you weren’t impressed with the value I give, then we’ll buy back your access fee. So that’s my guarantee. You have nothing to lose. You only need to give yourself a chance to make this work.


(EZ Payment Plan Available)

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