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What Our Clients Say After Working With Us...

Case Study #1: Singapore Webinar Trainer

A passionate seminar trainer was forced to take his programs online and was struggling to sit new people for his weekly live webinars, to the point of going on hiatus for almost 3 months!

After he sought our help to run YouTube Ads and Facebook Ads, his weekly webinars sprang back to life and made SGD26,000 sales in 3 weeks on under SGD7,000 ad spend!

Case Study #2: Virtual Summit

3 full day, back to back online event organized by Henry Gold and other international speakers. Advertised through a combination of YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads and email (several countries, worldwide). The online summit drew 2,860 signups in 3 weeks of marketing.

Henry Gold's experience working with us:

Case Study #3: Property Crowdfunding Talk

Ruben Chai previously relied on 1-to-1 meetings to find prospective investors for his app platform. With our digital marketing campaign, we sat 25 prospects for his property crowdfunding talk!

Here's what he has to say after working with us:

Case Study #4: Email Marketing For Fitness Program

Jordan Yeoh, Malaysian Fitness Icon engaged our team to craft his 1-year email marketing campaign and launch his Iron Mastery program online!

Case Study #5: Virtual Run Event

We marketed the Rugged Beast 5KM Virtual Run event via Facebook and Instagram Ads (within Malaysia)

Case Study #6: Aesthetic Clinic

Previously relied heavily on road shows, doctor conferences and incentivized walk-ins. After our social media advertising, they generate 100s of leads every month to their 3 outlets in Johor Bahru!

Case Study #7: Indian Cuisine, F&B

Indian Cuisine in Bangsar was running a limited time promo via Facebook and Instagram Ads and got a near 4X return on ad spend!

Case Study #8: Condo Property Project

Real Estate Agent got 162 leads in 2 months and doing done deals worth RM750,000 to RM1.2 Million! (again, all from our social media marketing on FB and IG)

Case Study #9: Car Coating Workshop

JQC Coating Auto Detailer in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur got 64 leads to their workshop with 2 in 10 conversions (they are selling RM5xx - RM4,xxx packages)!

Case Study #10: Wedding Photography

Professional Photography got 58 leads in 2 weeks and closed 3 couples for their Osaka, Japan pre-wedding photo shoot tour! (RM9,000 each)

Case Study #11: E-Book Seller

Malaysian digital product seller is able to continuously sell his e-books on a near daily basis with Facebook and YouTube Ads - break even on the front-end, profitable through Upsells and cross-sells (he operates in the General Business niche)

Case Study #12: Network Marketing Referrals

For several weeks, we sent live attendees to a network marketing leader's talk (Zamri Nanyan) with average 30 to 40 participants per preview (maxed out the office space) and conversion rate of typically 20% to 30% of the crowd. This was done purely through Facebook Ads.

NOTE: this model was discontinued by the onset of the pandemic and lockdowns.

Let Us Do Your Social Media Marketing!

Currently we have available spots to take on a few new Clients that would like us to handle their paid advertising on Facebook™, Instagram™ and YouTube™.

We have different packages for different business needs and size. To explore whether this will be a fit for you, first make sure to meet the following basic requirements:

You already have a business. You have a product or service that is ACTIVE and on sale.
You are already doing paid advertising of some kind. You have allocated a budget for social media marketing.
You're ready to follow up with your leads within 24 hours or less. Strike while the iron is hot when leads are being sent your way...

If you meet the criteria above then click the button below to schedule your Discovery Call with the Musemancer team.

DISCLAIMER: No one in the testimonials is compensated in any way for what they share. Every individual and business sells different offers at different price ranges, and have different ad budgets. Therefore results will vary. 

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